We help OEMs easily connect their devices to the Internet of Things using Bluetooth Mesh.

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ilumi MeshTek

  • State-of-the-art BLE Modules & Smart Lighting Controllers
  • Reliable connection-based mesh to support large data packets
  • Fast broadcast-based mesh for efficient distribution of small data packets
  • Long-range module connectivity up to 120 meters
  • Quick integration with development kits, including iOS and Android API
  • Support for beacons and other location-based services
  • Auto-firmware updates over-the-air from one device to entire network
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Ready (MeshTek-H52 Module Only)

Watch the self healing network in action!

MeshTek Now Available on Mouser

ilumi Solutions is proud to announce the addition of Mouser Electronics as a global authorized distributor of MeshTek Bluetooth Mesh Modules and Lighting Controllers. Mouser will be offering several MeshTek products for online purchase, include the MeshTek Modular Development Kit, the MeshTek Smart Mesh BLE Module, and MeshTek BLE Smart Lighting Controllers.

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MeshTek Self-Healing Bluetooth Mesh

Take a look at the self-healing mesh networking from MeshTek by ilumi solutions.